Scope Climate Leadership Programme

Our Work - Scope Climate Leadership Programme


Scope Climate Leadership programme is an initiative by Scope Intervention to equip those interested in leading the fight against climate change with necessary leadership and advocacy skills; information and capacity to enable them improve their work and achieve better desired results. These environment enthusiasts get an opportunity to hone their skills through leadership training, coursework, networking and involvement in different climate action projects of their choice. The graduates of the programme will form a network of progressive leaders in social and environmental justice trained to talk about impacts of climate change and what we can do to build a green, safe and sustainable planet. Our leadership programme is designed to challenge your current perceptions about leadership and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think and lead differently.

Commitment to bring climate action to your community or organization is a qualification to being admitted to the programme. After the training, the programme will work with you to develop your action project using peer support model and other resources then support you with necessary technical assistance to implement your initiative over a period of one year. During this period, intense reviews will be undertaken to enable you strengthen your project and achieve your goals. You will also have an opportunity to meet policy makers, leaders from your line of work and expert facilitators to learn climate policy, social leadership and a range of practical skills needed to inspire and support your climate action.