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How to Get Involved

Our small acts of planting a tree, cleaning our neighbourhood and influencing our neighbours to do the same can bring a small change. What drives the biggest change is joining hands with you to conserve our environment and save humanity and future generations. At Scope Intervention, we believe that everyone has a role to play in building a better society.Your contributions either as individual, corporate, government, nonprofit institution or as acommunity can go a long way in building a safe and sustainable world. Here is how you can get involved at Scope Intervention:

  • Joining our team of employees.
  • Donating.
  • Volunteering.
  • Corporate partnership.
  • Telling a friend about us.

Become a Member

Join the most passionate movement dedicated to promoting sustainable environment and changing fortunes of many people across the world.

Why should you be a member?

  • You will have a chance to team up, expertise, support, engage in, conduct and foster research and investigations into climate change and its impact.
  • You will have an opportunity to share advocacy and campaigning experience and coordinate with other like-minded.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn and share best practices on issues related to climate change and sustainable development within Africa and beyond.
  • You will have a chance to Inspire, change and build community.
  • Receive updates on new and upcoming events.
  • Your membership fee will go a long way into making implementation of our projects a success.

To apply, kindly [hyperlink] CLICK HERE to download the application form then send the fully filled form to

Corporate Partnership

Corporations have a critical role to play in implementing positive change in every society. We are glad most of them are changing lives through their corporate social responsibility. Corporations can get involved in a variety of ways, including:

  • Long term strategic partnerships..
  • Research/Innovative partnerships to find new solutions to existing development issues.
  • Global, national and local fundraising, marketing and communications
  • Skills transfer and employee engagement.
  • Raising awareness for global campaigns.

Talk to us today on how we can partner with your company in building a safe and sustainable planet.